Following prices are valid for all classes of Yogaseta

- classes in other studios are charged at the studio's rates.


The subscriptions on duration are valid for the given period. The subscriptions in number of lessons are valid up to 12 months after purchase date.



Type of class






Preis in CHF


Group class   Trial class    20
Group class   Single Class    30
Group class   10-er Abo   250
Private class   One class   110

Group class illimited

  Abo 1 month   100

Group class illimited

  Abo 3 month   200

Group class illimited

  Abo 6 month   500

Group class illimited

  Abo 12 month   1'000

General Conditions

1.   The Abo is personal and non-transferrable, valid 12 months from purchase date. Non-used hours cannot be refunded after this timeframe.Exceptions are granted after agreement in case of sickness or other special circumstances.

2.   Abo's or classes are payable cash or per bank transfer (IBAN or payment slip will be provided)

3.    Communication is important: please inform the teacher prior to the class, of any existing medical condition relevant to the practice: injuries, existing pain, pregnancy, other.

4.    Insurance is under the responsibility of the student; the teacher cannot be held responsible in case of accident, injury or theft short before, during or short after the class or in the premises.

5.   It  is expected that participants show respect, attention, calm to each other and the teacher. 

6.   Be wise and breathe. 

7.   Enjoy!